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Maternal Mental Health

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The beliefs that we hold about what it means to be a mother come from a wide variety of sources- childhood, dreams, fantasies, and even stereotypes. Whatever the source, the desire to be a mother is one that can fill us with intense longing. But, becoming a mother is no easy task. The path can be marked by a struggle to:


  • ​Get pregnant;

  • Stay pregnant and deliver a healthy baby;

  • Manage feelings of depression or anxiety while pregnant;

  • Shake the “baby blues,” or manage constant worry that something “bad will happen” after giving birth; or

  • Deal with stress and anxiety following a traumatic birth experience.


All of the clinical jargon, the disappointment, the frustration, the fear, and the pain, weighs on you. It can leave you feeling emotionally drained, and believing that there's no one left to call, because it seems like your family and friends are tired of hearing you talk about your problems. But there is someone who will listen in a safe and supportive environment, where  it is okay to put your needs first. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

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