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Postpartum Support Group

It’s been weeks, months, or even a year since you gave birth, but you keep waiting to experience the euphoria that everyone says comes with becoming a mother. Instead you’re tired. Really, really, really tired. You can’t ask for help because you’re a mom now, and you should be able to handle all that comes with that. The 2 am feedings. The crying, the diaper changes, the baths, and more feedings. There’s barely enough time to brush your hair. You may be overwhelmed by feelings of sadness, guilt, and shame.


Then there’s the doubt. Doubt that can turn into worry- a worry that you can’t seem to control. You’ve moved from “Am I doing this right?” to “What if something bad happens to the baby?” Maybe the worry is non-stop. Your thoughts may start racing, and it’s hard to sit still.


If you can relate to these experiences, you could be experiencing a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder. Depression may be the most common postpartum issue that women face. About 15% of new mothers experience a significant depression, and roughly 1 in 10 experience postpartum anxiety.  These symptoms are temporary and treatable with the right help.


Don’t suffer in silence. Join the Waverly Center’s postpartum support group that will be starting in early 2020- Afterglow. Afterglow will give moms who have symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety a safe place to talk about their experiences and develop new coping skills.


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